Post-Adoption Resources


Please email  if you would like information about reunions in Sri Lanka. We currently have a contact who can start a search in Sri Lanka if you are able to provide certain information.
We can put you in touch with our contact and matters such as  documentation, cost, timeframes and  arranging potential reunions can be discussed.
Please note this contact runs the reunion program independent of ICA.

The Benevolent Society offers a wide range of adoption services. In NSW and ACT  the service is delivered through the Post Adoption Resource Centre (PARC) .In Queensland it is delivered through Post Adoption Support Queensland (PASQ)

Post Adoption Resource Centre
24A Ocean St
Bondi NSW 2026
(02) 9365 3444

The  NSW Department of Community Services   provides funding to PARC and  also to International Social Services NSW (ISS) to offer professional search and reunification assistance to individuals and families separated across two countries.  If you are a resident of NSW, you are not charged for search services.