Welcome to International Children’s Aid


How to make  a tax deductible donation             

All donations over $2 are tax deductible. If you wish to make a donation please complete the Donation form

Donations made by cheque  should  be made payable to
“International Children’s Aid Overseas Fund”

once completed please mail to;               
PO BOX 778 Chatswood
2057 NSW



How will my donation be spent ?

Some donors give with a project in mind, other ask what is needed.


At Rambukkana Children’s Village donations have funded such things as:

  • after school programs-music, dance, craft
  • outdoor kitchens
  • musical instruments
  • pre-school band
  • after school tuition classes in English, Maths, Sinhala
  • computer program
  • milk fund
  • water tanks and irrigation channels
  • new bathing well
  • new year celebrations

IBathing well
. Dance class
. Milk fund

Some sponsors make donations for their sponsor child. This money is often for birthday or Christmas. When donations are made for a  child at the Rambukkana Children’s Village our local administrator buys the child a small gift and banks the remainder of the money into the child’s personal bank account. 

We have had very generous donors in the past. Our largest combined donation was  $25,000 for our Tsunami Relief