Early Years 
The Children
Preschool and Vocational Training Centre
How it’s Managed
Sponsorship and Donations

Early Years
In 1990 the Sri Lankan Government gifted ICA five acres of land at Rambukkana. This was a direct result of our good name which we had earned in providing care to abandoned children in Sri Lanka. Construction of the village began in 1992 with the official opening   in September 1993. A Sri Lankan housemother (Aya) lives in each cottage and is the mother for up to eight abandoned or orphaned children. The children, many of whom have come from large institutions, are now part of a family and experience many of the things we take for granted. Things such as helping to prepare  and eat a home-cooked meal; laughing with brothers and sisters;  talking about your family at school.

The village has three family cottages, an administrator's cottage, a pre-school and a vocational training centre .One of our first jobs was to build a well deep enough to provide enough water for drinking and cooking, bathing and watering our crops. We grow coconuts, bananas, rambutans and pepper. These crops produce food for the village and a small income for the village .  Rambukkana is a lush area about three hours from the capital, Colombo and an hour from the town of Kandy

The Children
The children in our village have changed dramatically. They no longer look like orphaned or abandoned children but children who belong. They attend the local school and enjoy afterschool activities such as craft, music and dancing. We give them extra tuition in English, Maths and Sinhala. They participate in all local celebrations, especially New Year and Vesak.

Our Older Children
Many of our first intake of children have now left the village. With continued support from ICA they are now in transition to leading independent lives. They still regard the village as their home and return to celebrate special events such as New Year and Vesak. One of the older girls chose to have her engagement with her “family” at Rambukkana.

Pre school and Vocational Training
The village has an onsite preschool and Vocational Training centre. This was funded by the Australian High Commission in Colombo. The preschool takes 35 children from low income families in the local community.

How it’s Managed
A local committee oversees the village . The members  are highly regarded people living  in the Rambukkana vilage. In its early years ICA Australia sent volunteers. The local ICA committee supported the volunteers and ensured that local customs were adhered to. Special mention must be made of all our volunteers over the years and the impact they have had on the development of the village.
Recently the day to day running of the village was handed to a local Administrator, Kamal. The local ICA committee members and Kamal meet monthly. The committee  provides  monthly reports, bank statements, budget sheets, and an annual audited report to ICA Australia.

Sponsorships and Donations
Funding for the village comes through donations, fundraising by members and through a child sponsorship program (minimum $25 per month tax deductible). There is also the opportunity for the sponsorship of a family cottage, or the village as a whole.
100% of your sponsorship goes directly to supporting your child and the village. All ICA sponsorships, donations are tax deductible in Australia.