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How Can I sponsor a child?
Complete a Sponsorship form and mail to:

ICA PO Box 778 Chatswood NSW 2057 Australia

You will receive a photo, a brief history of your child, progress reports and a newsletter. You can write to you sponsor child.

100% of sponsorship funds are sent overseas and used for the benefit of your child
http://www.internationalchildrensaid.org/Images/don%20and%20roz%20with%20sponsor%20child2.GIFFrom just $30 per month (tax deductible) you can give an abandoned or orphaned child an opportunity to have the basic necessities that we take for granted. Give a child a future.
Your sponsorship will provide a needy child with
- A home in a caring environment
- Nutritional food
- Medical care
- Safe drinking water
- Education
- Vocational training

We have children who URGENTLY need sponsors.

The story of Sadun

http://www.internationalchildrensaid.org/Images/sadun_first%20photo.gifSadun  arrived at the Rambukkana Children’s Village on the 4th May 1995, and was suffering with a  bad skin condition.
Within a few months of good care and attention from the Australian Volunteers his skin condition had disappeared and he became one of the family, with his new brothers and sisters at Rambukkana. Since his arrival he has grown into happy go lucky little boy who is always smiling.


Sadun in the arms of his new ‘big sister” soon after he arrived at Rambukkana




A healthy Sadun some 4 years later





 In 2010 he is a young adult, undertaking  a vocational training course.

 a happy , healthy teenager



Sponsor a child like this 

This child arrived at Rambukkana Children’s village having been transferred from a government home at Ratnapura. He had been placed there after a family crisis.
He joined the children at Rambukkana as a somewhat mischievious  8  year old. As with all children he took some time to adjust to his new surroundings. He began to  develop relationships with his new “brothers “ and “sisters” and the adults in charge.
He is a very curious, intelligent boy who loves to explore anything new. He has had so many new experiences at the village, including playing on a computer.
One of his loves is dancing and with our after school dance and music activies he really comes to life.
We believe under ICAs care he will achieve great things.

To sponsor this child or one like him complete a sponsorship form
and mail to ICA PO BOX 778 Chatswood 2057 NSW Australia




A story from a sponsor

As a Student studying Primary Education at Notre Dame University I can sincerely say that helping a child is my passion in life. Kumari is a beautiful Sri Lankan girl who both my mother and I have been sponsoring for the past 3 years and will continue to sponsor in the future. Rambukkana Orphanage has provided our family with on-going information on the progress of Kumari and has helped Kumari to become part of our lives. Reading the stories and seeing the photos of what our donation has done, that is the miracle. As an adopted child, I believe I have built a connection with Kumari and knowing that I am helping her is truly something special. In the future, I intend to travel overseas and help Kumari and other children at Rambukkana.
The donations we make and the support we can provide is the big picture. Whether it is the smile on a child, the laughter or fun which surrounds them, it is what we can provide to these children.
“Sponsoring a child is an amazing experience and the bigger picture is spectacular”

Nicola Carroll 

100% of your sponsorship goes directly to supporting your child and the home.
All ICA sponsorships, donations and gifts are tax deductible in Australia.