Toddler’s Home and Nutrition Centre, Peter Weerasekera Complex



In 1977, International Children’s Aid was asked to build a Nutrition Centre for sick and malnourished babies in the grounds of the Peter Weerasekra Girl's Home. The existing stables were renovated by ICA and soon we had 15 babies.

Most of the babies were malnourished, all abandoned in hospital or on the streets. Many had been sent to the Nutrition Centre from government run orphanages for extra medical attention. Occasionally the mother was too ill to care for a newborn and the baby was sent for temporary care.
Over the years, the Nutrition Centre has been extended to accommodate 30 babies and toddlers. This left us with a problem, what to do once the toddlers were well enough to leave the nutrition centre. The attached girls’ home and the Parakrama Boys Home (which we commenced helping in 1979) only took children from school age. This meant the children were returned to state run orphanages .

We were requested by the Sri Lankan Government to assist these children by building a Toddlers’ Home. It was decided to purchase an extra piece of land adjoining the Nutrition Centre and Girls’ Home and keep all three homes on the one 5 acre piece  of land.

The Toddlers’ Home was officially opened in 1987. The home accommodates 30 toddlers ranging in ages from 2 to 6 years. The sleeping quarters are one long open airy room with 30 specially made little beds. There is a large open play area with versatile washable floors, bathroom, laundry, kitchen and staff quarters.

Most of the children admitted here are from the Nutrition Centre.

The children attend the attached Little Flower Pre-School where they learn English, dance and craft. They play on the play equipment and go for a daily walk.

The home has a matron and 4 local helpers.  The older girls from the girls’ home are taught mothercraft  skills by helping at the nutrition centre and toddlers’ homes. When the children reach the age of 6 years, we try to have them transferred to the Peter Weerasekera Girls Home or the Parakrama Boys Home.
Many of these children have not had a visit from a relative or parent and live their entire life in the complex. Our aim for the Nutrition Centre and Toddlers’ Home is to restore the health of sick infants and toddlers and provide them with a loving nuturing environment..

Should you decide to support this home through sponsorship, you will be giving a girl in need the opportunity of a future.
100% of your sponsorship goes directly to supporting your child and the home. All ICA sponsorships, donations and gifts are tax deductible in Australia