Tsunami Relief

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Emergency Relief

.Tsunami damage Tsunami damage

Tsunami damage Following the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami ICA members and friends donated $25,000. We used $2,000 to provide immediate emergency relief in the days after the tsunami. Money was sent to a Mother Theresa, Missionaries of Charity Home in Trincomalee, via our contact Sister Aroha. The home in Trincomalee had been badly damaged and the sisters needed to provide the basics of food, water and shelter to the children it its care.



Community Hall



Fisherman and Family



Reconstruction Project

We used the rest of the money to help the fishing community of Ambalantota on the far south coast of Sri Lanka . Ambalantota was brought to our attention by our local Rambukkana Cilldren’s Village committee who had read of the community’s needs in the newspaper. Our Australian volunteers at the time, Anna and Richard visited the site and spoke to the community headman, Reggie. They asked how we could help their community.

Reggie and his community asked to have their community hall reconstructed, fishing boats, engines and fishing equipment replaced. This wish was taken back to ICA Australia, and so began the long process of planning , building and opening the community hall. During a visit in 2005 , ICA Vice President Ann Lambert saw the community hall first hand. At that time it was half built. Ann met Reggie and members of the community. They were very happy to meet Ann and expressed their thanks to all the people in Australia who had donated money to help them.


Half Built Hall under construction


The official opening of the community hall was on 26th November 2006. For a small organization we felt very proud that we had delivered what the community wanted and in a reasonable amount of time. Volunteers Louise and Garry, along with our local committee attended the official opening.

. Ann Lambert, Vice President inspects completed community hall  

completed hall
During Ann’s next visit in 2007 she inspected the completed community hall. She also presented new fishing boats, engines and nets to the fisherman of the village. Thanks to volunteers Tracey and Alan who coordinated the purchase of this equipment and organized for it to be onsite ready for Ann to present.  Again the community was very appreciative. On this occasion Ann was asked to meet a blind man whose house had been damaged. He requested help from ICA to repair his small house. This request was taken back to Australia. A donation of money from the congregation of St Andrews Church, Wamboin allowed this to happen.

Ann presenting engines

.Completed house


In 2008 we heard that the fishermen of  Ambalantota were again making money from fishing.
In 2010 Kamal our local administrator at Rambukkana Childrens Village spoke talking to Reggie, headman of Ambalantota community. Reggie said a monk runs a Montessori (preschool) and  Sunday school in the hall. It is also used as a preaching hall . Reggie sends his love to all the supporters and an invitation to visit whenever people come to Sri Lanka. He said that the people make good use of that hall, and are living happily.

Photo Gallery


Ann presenting engine

nets and ropes

. Ann, committee and Reggie